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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in America. As an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana use, including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Maine, and Massachusetts, more people have begun experimenting with marijuana use for a variety of reasons, including reducing symptoms of anxiety. Unfortunately, marijuana use can present several problems, including addiction. 

Marijuana detox can help alleviate some of those symptoms of addiction. If you or a loved one need help with marijuana withdrawal, our staff of professionals and our substance abuse treatment center is ready to assist you. We are ready to guide you through your recovery process and help with any marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana Use in America

Among young adults between 18 and 34 in America, around 30% smoke marijuana. About 16% of adults between 35 and 54 reports that same regular usage. The CDC notes that, by 2019, approximately 18% of Americans had tried marijuana at least once.

Marijuana use can also be a severe problem among young adults and teens. As many as 40% of high school students have tried marijuana, and about 53% of marijuana users note that they first tried it between the ages of 12 and 17. Around 1 in 16 high school seniors report daily marijuana use, and even more, may use marijuana irregularly.

Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse

Using marijuana may cause bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, and memory impairment, especially in heavy-use cases. However, many patients fail to notice the symptoms of marijuana abuse until it starts to get out of control. Symptoms of abuse may include:


Lack of Motivation

Chronic marijuana abuse may make it more challenging to maintain motivation for other activities. Patients who abuse marijuana may note that they have little motivation to get up off the couch or engage in normal daily activities. 


Nervousness, Paranoia, or Anxiety

Chronic marijuana use or abuse can increase paranoia and anxiety, which may lead to increasingly dangerous behaviors. Some patients may even have a higher risk of developing panic attacks. 


Life Revolving Around Marijuana Use

For many people who suffer from marijuana abuse disorders, life may start to revolve around the next time they can use marijuana. Many patients will focus much of their days on when they can get more marijuana and when they can safely use it. They may alter their plans to make room for marijuana use or ignore activities they once enjoyed because they want to spend that time getting high instead. 


Using Marijuana in Dangerous Situations

Marijuana use, like other intoxicating substances, can impair judgment and lead to slowed reaction times. When a patient starts to use marijuana, even when it could prove dangerous, like driving while under the influence, it could indicate a marijuana abuse problem. 


Continuing Marijuana Use Despite Problems

When people suffer from marijuana abuse problems, they may have difficulty recognizing marijuana as the cause of those challenges. In many cases, they may continue to use marijuana despite its impact on relationships, functionality, problem-solving skills, and more. 


Inability to Decrease Marijuana Use

As patients use more marijuana, they may note that they have to use increasing amounts to achieve the same high. Furthermore, they may struggle to stop use, even when they fully recognize the potential problems it could cause. Even when they try to quit, people who struggle with marijuana abuse may have difficulty stepping away from the drug.

What is a Detox?

The detox process is the first step in recovery from many addictions, including marijuana addiction. During detox, patients will eliminate toxic and addictive substances, including marijuana, from the body. 

Symptoms of detox may include:

  • Cravings
  • Irritability or aggression
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Decreased appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Tremors


Not every patient who stops using marijuana will have those symptoms. Patients who have used heavy amounts of marijuana, often over a long period, however, may show extreme symptoms during the detox process.

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How Long Does Treatment Last?

Residentially-assisted detox can last as long as patients need support for the detox process. Inpatient treatment offers several advantages for patients going through the detox process since it can allow patients to focus on the detoxification and recovery process, provide them with much-needed tools that can aid in recovery, and even help with medication-assisted treatment that may help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. 

The length of treatment may depend on a patient’s individual needs. The worst symptoms of marijuana detoxification may occur in an average of 2-6 days. Most severe symptoms will resolve within three weeks of the last use of marijuana. However, some patients may find that an extended stay in a rehabilitation facility can make it easier for them to develop the tools they need to fight those cravings in the future.

The Benefits of a Detox Treatment at Bellagio

Many patients wonder whether going through marijuana detox at a residential treatment facility will offer any advantages. At Bellagio, we have several programs backed by the latest research in marijuana addiction and the latest practices available for our patients.


Look at the Whole Patient

At Bellagio, patients receive a mind, body, and soul-focused recovery protocol that aims to address underlying challenges and conditions as well as the addiction itself in a way that will provide patients with greater freedom.


Get Medical Help If Needed

In some cases, the symptoms of marijuana addiction can prove uncomfortable, making it more difficult for patients to recover fully. At Bellagio, patients will receive medical help if needed to help navigate the detox process.


Improve Health and Balance

Overcoming addiction often requires maintaining excellent overall balance and improving physical and mental health. During the detox process, patients at Bellagio will get resources that can help improve health and balance to lead to a healthier life.

Seeking Help

Are you ready to find a treatment program that supports you in overcoming your marijuana addiction? At Bellagio, we focus on a mind and body treatment strategy that helps our patients experience greater overall levels of recovery and healing. 

Our team of treatment professionals has proven experience in supporting people with evidence-based treatment. We provide our patients with a holistic approach to the detox and treatment process. Our comprehensive treatment plans provide patients with the tools they need for long-term recovery. 

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits we can offer.