Bellagio In The Desert Residential Treatment Center

Bellagio In The Desert is located in Lancaster, CA. We offer multiple programs backed by the latest research and practices. Start your journey today by calling below!

I Rate it five stars and say I recommend Bellagio in the desert to anyone who's looking for a good detox you can genuinely feel the love from all staff members that was the detox.
- J.F.
I would definitely recommend Bellagio in the Desert to anyone wanting to get clean and sober. The staff Blanca, Tiffany, Cris, Ari, Liz, George, and Giselle are all great. They are very helpful and attentive to each clients needs which was something I really liked! The cook Mrs.Grace was very accommodating when it came to what clients liked and didn't like for meals. Outings were awesome like going to the beach. They offered a variety of different AA, NA, CA meetings to attend as well as church! I learned a lot about myself as well as skills to use to maintain my recovery through the groups. I definitely enjoyed my experience at Bellagio and I'm very grateful for it!
- A.G.
I'm Cherokee native American Indian from Oklahoma and I've found peace within myself to to start the healing process... Bellagio staff is not just staff but family... they are your best team... Commit and know your worth. So in the end you will be rich in people's hearts and not off of them.. WORK. KEEP COMING BACK.
- JS
This place is a true blessing and gave me all the tools I needed to save my life they will always be in my heart I wasn’t there long I wish I could have stayed forever lol.
- KD
I had the best experience at the Bellagio the staff was excellent and tended to me in every aspect of my needs I had a solid Bible study great groups made me feel right at home I honestly didn't wanna leave them they were like my family I grew to love all of em I'm so thankful for Blanca a Tiffany all of em just all in all a great place to start ur journey in recovery....thanks Bellagio u will always be in my heart.....love Ronny Sam.
- NR
This place is amazing! They have a wonderful staff and care for their clients. They made me feel like family, I highly recommend this if you need wanting to get sober. They are excellent. I absolutely love them and this facility. Even after you’re gone they check in with you to make sure you are okay, and they never turn ANYONE away.
- JD
I highly recommend this facility! My experience far exceeded my expectations! From the first hour of arriving until I left, the staff was very professional and attentive in making sure I was taken care of in all aspects. I was very blessed to have gone here, it truly saved my life!! I learned so much and enjoyed our group sessions every day. They help you to start living recovery and by that I mean they will go far and beyond to help you succeed in any manner for me it included helping me find the best options in recovery after the 30-day program! If you want to get clean and stay sober choose this facility, it will not disappoint!
- EC
I would like to give a special thanks to Bellagio in the Desert! If it wasn't for the support, guidance, and love from the staff there I don't think I'd be here today. They are very dedicated to helping others in the road to recovery and giving you all the love and support and tools you need to remain sober. I'd like to especially thank Blanca, Tiffany, and Ariana there was nothing they wouldn't do to help me, now that I've moved on to sober living they still remain in my corner helping me when I need it and giving me all the support I need. To this day I can call either one of them and they'll answer, it doesn't matter if it's 3 A.M. I know they'll be there for me! They don't treat you like your just another client, they treat you like your family and I'll forever be grateful for all they've done and continue to do! Thanks Blanca, Tiffany, and Ariana I love you guys and the Bellagio in the Desert! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYBODY SEEKING TREATMENT THAT DOESNT WANT TO FEEL ALONE OR OUT OF PLACE TO GO TO THE BELLAGIO!!!
- WH
At the Bellagio I was with a detox residential that actually cared they are not there for the money. I spent 38 days with them and let me tell you I grew so much. All the staff is phenomenal and I wasn't the easiest coming down to get along with but with patience that they Gave me and taught me i loved it. They work with you they took me to 2 different beaches which I had never seen before in my life... The love that they gave me help me so much in my journey. I also learned patience and with that I ask God to plant me in a sober living by the beach and that's just what he did. But had I not had the love and patience from the program director Blanca and Tiffany I would had gave up but they saved my life so I urge anyone that is ready to live a sober life and that give up easy please go to Bellagio in the desert cause you will be loved and worked with , with people that do give a care about you and will be there with you as they still are with me today. Thank you Bellagio in the desert you saved my life God bless you.
- MT
I absolutely loved my stay at Bellagio. I really didn't expect what I got from the staff. They will help you in any way they can. Detoxing for me wasn't as bad as it would have been if I were on the streets because they all clients and staff made me comfortable. They all made me feel like I was part of there family as if I were at home. This was my first time in a detox but I highly recommend anyone who is wanting a better life for there self go to the Bellagio it's more than amazing being there.
- DR
I recently completed the 28-day program at Bellagio in the desert. I have been addicted to meth for 25 years of my life and an IV user for about 18 I am 39 years old. I have tried several different treatment facilities short-term, long-term, dual diagnosis, intensive outpatient, been to prison twice in jail too many times to count. I have family members who are strongly rooted and recovery through narcotics anonymous are very supportive of me. I am a mother of three and a grandmother to two seven month old little boys. There have been many cries for help and reasons to stop using in my life. When I came to Bellagio I was not entirely sure I was ready to stop using still. After arriving I was greeted by some of the most loving down to earth understanding and relatable people I have ever encountered in my life. I never felt that I was treated like a client or a drug addict from day one I felt like I was family. They welcome to me with no judgment listen to some of my war stories with still no judgment and made me feel like I was a part of something special. One week into my program I received devastating news of a death in my family. All I wanted was to go home. The following day I attended an outside meeting with other clients and the staff and I had never felt more at home. I received consoling loving words of encouragement and support that we're somehow not overbearing and exactly what I needed. The experiences I had while at Bellagio were by far the most amazing things that I've ever happened in my life. My relationship with the staff was unexpected and definitely a determining factor in my choice to commit to this program and stay sober. The laid-back family environment is nothing like anything I've experienced before. The staff not only listens and relates but supports and encourages instead of judging and condemning. They go above and beyond to make you feel at home and like you are a part of something greater and I figured out that that's because I am. Regrettably I was not able to follow up my treatment with sober living in the area and had to return home due to legal obligations. In the past I would have ran from all of these things and would have been using before I ever even arrived back in the state of Oklahoma. I am happy to say that because of the continued support and communication with the staff at Bellagio and other peers I am maintaining my sobriety and am not fearful of the outcome of my legal situation. My family is so impressed with the change in me and there are other people who are important in my life that are considering Bellagio as well. I could not be happier. The treatment I received at Bellagio has changed my life forever I cannot put into words the gratitude and admiration that I have for the entire staff especially Blanca and Tiffany oh and Jorge! These people care with their whole hearts and treat everyone as an individual case and somehow manage to ebb and flow and make the Bellagio house a functioning and effective treatment facility. They say in the program don't quit before the miracle happens. I live by those words because Blanca Tiffany and the staff gently encouraged me and I did not quit and the miracles are still happening. Of all the things that I have tried and failed I am confident that this time in recovery will be a success. I am so happy that I have regained a relationship with my children and grandchildren and the rest of my family. And I have also gained a new family in Bellagio as well as the recovery programs in Lancaster. It is my intention to return once my legal obligations are fulfilled so that I may give back what was so freely given to me which was love compassion understanding support and a new life in recovery. I am forever grateful thank you Bellagio.
- AL
I would highly recommend Bellagio in the desert! I am a recovering opiate addict with a 35-year history of addiction. I have been through a few treatment programs and by far this is the best experience that I've ever had in treatment. Most of the staff are in recovery as well, so they get it, they know what it's like, there's no judgment, there's just a lot of love and support. The first night I arrived they had chicken noodle soup waiting for me and a nice comfy queen size bed and comfort medications to help with withdrawal. The food here is absolutely outstanding and if you have any suggestions on meals they will accommodate you. My needs were met even down to the simplest things like having tobacco, hygiene products, doctor's appointments, and all my appropriate medications. Every weekend we would all look forward to our outings, which consisted of going to the movies, or the park, swimming, all things that I'd never done sober before. The Detox program is usually 30 days and to be honest I really did not want to leave! I feel like they prepared me for my next step in recovery which was sober living. Today I have been clean and sober for 100 days! I really am thankful to Blanca Tiffany and the rest of the staff at Bellagio for being a part of my journey. I would highly recommend this program to anybody who wants to recover from a hopeless State of mind and body. Bellagio has really changed my life and left a positive impression on me that I will never forget
- KH
My experience with Bellagio At The Desert was very constructive. The house is clean and functional. My privacy was seen as a priority and it was respected by the staff as well as the other clients. The staff provided quality customer service and really cared for my needs as well for my recovery growth. Very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. They treated me in a very professional level. I appreciate their efforts to help me find a path to continue my recovery. I not only recommend it but encourage you to seek help at Bellagio At The Desert for your recovery needs. I left a piece of my heart in that place and it has become a safe haven with a new family.
- RG
My name is L. L. I am from Shawnee, OK. I went to Bellagio In The Desert from April 7, 2022 to May 7, 2022 to get off of heroin and meth. Bellagio was wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I detoxed off heroin with subutex there with a 6 day taper off the medication. It was a place I would suggest to anyone wanting to seriously get off drugs. The staff was awesome and each and every one of them aren't there for a pay check. They actually care about you and your recovery. Compared to other detoxed and residential treatment centers I've been to, this one was 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! The counselors, Blanca & Tiffany are amazing. They come in during non-payed times to help you if you need them and run extra groups. No one there makes you feel like you are just a pay check. They make you feel like you are the top priority and they truly want you to recover from your addiction. I have only good things to say about my stay at Bellagio. I had a period where I wanted to go home and was very upset and Blanca took her own personal time to come talk to me after her shift because she didn't want me to leave and end up relapsing. The food was good. Miss Liz took care of us whenever she was working and was always there to talk to. I feel like if I had gone somewhere else, I wouldn't have got the help I needed to recover from my heroin addiction. Over all, my experience at Bellagio was what has kept me sober long after leaving California and coming back to Oklahoma. Thank you.
- LL