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Detoxification is the first step in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. For the most part, physically unwell individuals may not be in a position to address existing mental health issues. Therefore, the primary purpose of detoxification is to deal with the physical side of addiction. This way, patients are ready to tackle the physiological effects of their addiction.

Individuals who choose to detox from alcohol and drugs without professional assistance can experience physical and psychological pain. In some cases, people may even relapse due to severe withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, our Lancaster, CA detox program offers patients a foundation and safe space to develop new healthy habits. In addition, we provide patients with clinical comfort and physiological and emotional support during the detoxification and withdrawal processes.

What Is a Clinically-Supervised Detox?

A clinically-supervised drug and alcohol detox eliminates toxic, addictive substances from the body under the care of clinical professionals. The Bellagio In The Desert team comprises therapists, clinicians, and nurses. Our team of professionals works together to offer care during the detoxification process.

Drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes. These conditions may flare up now and then but can be controlled. Like managing an asthma attack, detoxification for substance use addiction offers stability for a flare-up of this chronic condition. However, detoxification alone may not address the long-term course of addiction.

The first step to participating in a more extended treatment stay is completing drug and alcohol detox. Those who complete the detox process endure the treatment longer and attain long-term sobriety.

When Is Detox Necessary?

The perfect candidates for detoxification are individuals who are physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. The most apparent signs of addiction include;

  • Using alcohol and drugs in large amounts regularly or suffering from substance use disorder
  • Experiencing a diminishing effect from using the exact quantities of a substance over time
  • Using drugs and alcohol over a long period
  • Craving a specific addictive substance even when it’s out of reach
  • Lack of ability to quit substance use without help
  • Increasing the amount of a drug or alcohol to achieve the desired effect

Cold turkey detoxification is practical, but there is a high risk of experiencing severe impacts of stopping substance use. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening if not managed by a clinical professional.

Our experts understand the pattern of withdrawal symptoms; they prepare a detox unique to every patient’s needs. We also base our treatments on the latest research and practices.

What's The Detox Process?

While there are standard components of the detoxification process, the patient’s needs, duration of treatment, and recovery goals may vary. Meaning the process may not be entirely similar for every individual. The team at our drug and alcohol detox in Lancaster, CA, prioritizes safely helping patients control their withdrawal symptoms within a controlled environment.

Typically the detox process involves:

While the detoxification process has standard components, the patient’s needs, duration of treatment, and recovery goals may vary. Meaning the process may not be entirely similar for every individual. Our team in Lancaster prioritizes helping patients control their withdrawal symptoms within a controlled environment.

Typically the detox process involves:

1. Evaluation

We first screen our patients for any physical or mental health issues. Then, our clinical professionals conduct blood tests to measure the levels of drugs or alcohol in a person’s system. The evaluation also involves an in-depth review of a patient’s psychiatric and medication history.

Our team uses the patient’s data to prepare a personalized long-term treatment plan.

2. Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms begin to show once the amount of drugs or alcohol is reduced in the patient’s system. The type and severity of these symptoms depend on various factors, including:

  • Frequency and duration of use
  • The kind of substance the patient uses
  • The amount of substance used by the patient
  • The patient’s mental and physical health

Detox is unique for everyone. Regardless of the number of times an individual has undergone this process, each new detox is a different experience. 

3. Medication

We give our patients the appropriate medication to help them manage their withdrawal symptoms. Although no specific medicine can eliminate all the symptoms, some medications can minimize the patient’s anxiety and depression.

4. 24/7 Support

Our Lancaster, CA, detox team understands that compassionate and supportive care is crucial to successful detoxification. We, therefore, ensure that all our patients receive maximum support around the clock.

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What Are the Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Detox?

1. It’s a Crucial First Step in a Successful Recovery Process

Most patients who complete their treatment first eliminate toxins of the harmful substances from their body system. After this, they adopt new and healthy behaviors that encourage a sober way of life.

2. It’s a Lifesaving Process

Substance abuse negatively affects the body and brain in numerous ways. Fortunately, our health professionals can easily detect and treat these substance-related medical issues through a clinically-supervised detox.

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe for individuals who detox without professional care. For instance, some patients experience seizures, tremors, and delirium.

On the other hand, those who choose detox receive medications that help them cope with these symptoms. They will also receive a specialized treatment plan to complete their addiction treatment.

3. May Uncover Underlying Diseases or Disorders

Symptoms of specific medical issues, including mental illness, can be suppressed by substance abuse. For instance, patients addicted to heroin might not experience pain caused by hepatitis. However, our team can identify such preexisting conditions during detox.

What Are the Side Effects of Detox?

Our detox program includes medications that help ease health complications of alcohol or drug withdrawal. However, patients might experience withdrawal side effects like:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • High blood pressure
  • Sweating
  • Shivering and shaking
  • Runny nose
  • Exhaustion
  • Fever
  • Bone and muscle pain
  • Unpleasant dreams
  • Abdominal pain

Psychological symptoms of withdrawal include:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty concentrating

Some patients may also experience severe withdrawal symptoms like delirium, hallucinations, and seizures. However, with the proper medication, all these symptoms can be managed.

Next Steps After Detox

A drug and alcohol detox treats the physical effects of drug and alcohol abuse. However, to recover from addiction, patients must also address the psychological impact of their addiction.

Detox is a primary part of our robust treatment program. At Bellagio in The Desert, we develop comprehensive treatment plans for our patients. Our treatment plans cover the patients’ spiritual, behavioral, and emotional causes of addiction. After the detox process, patients transition to residential care.

Bellagio In The Desert Residential Treatment Center detox programs yields high results. We walk our patients through their journey to achieve long-term sobriety. Contact Us Today.