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When a person struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is almost impossible for them to recover and overcome their addiction without professional help and a program geared to help their recovery. In many cases, the person must attend inpatient therapy at the beginning of their recovery. Bellagio RTC is here to help.

Our inpatient treatment in Lancaster, California, helps ease their withdrawal symptoms and ensures patient safety during the initial detox, as some symptoms might become life-threatening. Once the person has rid their system of drugs and alcohol, inpatient therapy provides a safe space to build the tools to remain sober and drug-free for a lifetime.

What Is Inpatient Treatment for Alcohol or Drug Addiction?

Many people struggling with addiction need a safe place to begin their journey to long-lasting sobriety. Bellagio RTC in Lancaster, CA, is a residential treatment program where the patient goes to a treatment center and stays there 24 hours a day and seven days a week until they and their doctor feel ready to return home.

Depending on the patient’s specific addiction, they may require an inpatient treatment program to withdraw from their drug of choice or alcohol. This patient might need to be monitored by medical personnel during their withdrawal period for their safety and well-being. It is also possible that the doctor might provide the patient with medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.

However, inpatient treatment provides counseling, therapy, and group therapy to help the person struggling with addiction make life changes after they are through detox. An inpatient treatment facility provides patients with a safe haven to do the work they need to do to recover without the daily pressures at home.

During their time in inpatient care, the patient builds the skills they need to overcome their addiction and determine their root causes. A patient’s time in an inpatient treatment center varies from one patient to the next. Most patients will stay around 90 days at our inpatient treatment program in Lancaster, CA.

What is Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment is a form of substance abuse treatment in which the patient can receive care at home or through sober living. According to American Addiction Centers, “getting treatment as an outpatient may not be the preferred form of care initially, but most individuals… find that they need eventually need to transition to outpatient treatment.”

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment for Alcohol or Drug Addiction

A person who struggles with addiction wants the best chance of recovery possible. People suffering from a substance use disorder have options when receiving treatment. For some, outpatient rehab may suit their needs. However, for many, the answer is usually committing to an inpatient rehab center.

They might consider a variety of possibilities, and before choosing an inpatient treatment center, they want to understand the benefits that make choosing inpatient treatment the best course of action. Here are a few of the benefits:

Safe Space

Most people who struggle with addiction need to get away from the daily pressures to enjoy their best chance of recovery. An inpatient treatment program can provide the patient with a safe space to recover and create new tools to ensure that they don’t relapse in the future. It is a space where the patient can focus on themselves instead of the stress of working and running a household.

Professional Therapy

During their time at an inpatient treatment program, the person struggling with addiction can access intensive professional therapy. This therapy might include both one-on-one therapy sessions and group therapy. The patient and therapist work together to develop a treatment plan that benefits the patient.

Medical Care

Detox is never easy, but sometimes, a patient needs to be constantly monitored by medical staff during their withdrawal period to monitor their symptoms and ensure their overall health and well-being. Some drug withdrawal requires a step-down program to provide that the person withdraws and detoxes safely, which is done only under a doctor’s supervision.

Creates a Support System

While most people struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol have friends and family members willing to support them, they need a more extensive support system. They can find this type of support system in an inpatient rehabilitation program. From the caring and compassionate staff members to the people they share group therapy with, the patient is building and adding to their support system and creating a better chance of remaining sober after leaving the facility.

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What Happens During Inpatient Treatment?

For most patients, addiction treatment begins with withdrawing from whatever drugs and alcohol they usually use. This period can be painful and uncomfortable, and some patients require monitoring by a medical professional. For some types of drugs, there might be medication needed to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and to help them detox safely.

With detox complete, the patient is ready for therapy and to begin the healing process. This therapy can include individual and group therapy sessions. The goal is to give the person struggling with addiction the tools needed to stay clean.

In the beginning, the patient might be limited in their freedom of movement throughout the treatment center and in their contact with family and friends outside the facility. These limitations give the patient their best chance to recover and make progress they need to make before returning to the stressors.

During therapy, the therapist and patient might also identify a co-occurring condition that needs to be treated. The root cause of the addiction may be a mental health disorder, and it needs to be treated before the patient can fully recover.

We Can Help

After a person decides to seek help with their drug or alcohol addiction at an inpatient treatment program, they want to find a treatment center that provides them with a caring atmosphere and a record of success. After all, this is one of the most significant decisions of their life.

At Bellagio RTC, we offer addiction treatment in Lancaster, California. Each member of staff understands the patient’s difficulties and provides them with the support they need, physically and emotionally, to make a successful recovery. We pride ourselves on the supportive treatment community we have built in Lancaster, California.

Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab for your situation may sometimes seem confusing. However, finding a facility with treatment professionals you can trust is essential. At Bellagio RTC, we ensure that all of our patients and their families feel supported throughout the treatment process. We use evidence-based practices to treat our patients and provide education on healthy coping skills.

Do not wait to start your recovery journey. Bellagio RTC is here to answer any questions about our drug and alcohol rehab programs. Reach out to us today.