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Recovering from addiction almost always requires temporary respite from a stressful and heavily conditioned environment. For those in recovery, many familiar settings are often replete with the pressures and temptations that fueled their addictive urges. This stands in stark contrast to the solace and well-being a lasting recovery depends on.

Facing an addiction while contending with daily stressors creates unnecessary burdens. Those on the path to recovery owe themselves simplicity and tranquility, as only a desert wellness center can provide. Here, individuals experiencing addiction find the inner resources to ensure gains achieved during a formal recovery program result in lasting change.

Benefits of a Treatment Center in the Desert

When embarking on a life-changing drug detox program, it’s enormously helpful to do so with clinical supervision. It provides a safe, medically appropriate process to minimize the effect of withdrawal symptoms on health and well-being.

A carefully planned withdrawal in a beautiful and serene natural setting is all the more effective. Those less likely to engage with nature experience even greater therapeutic benefits in an intensive and immersive natural setting. Research into the psychologically healing qualities of nature goes as far as describing the importance of developing an “emotional affinity with nature.”

For any who’ve experienced the deeply settling calm of the high desert night, such sentiments go far beyond metaphor. The majestic desert terrain dramatically improves the efficacy of addiction and mental health treatment programs. It provides an unforgettable experience, where a depthless beauty contrasts and supports the intensity of the initial steps toward recovery.

Addiction Treatment

It’s also important to ensure a trusted desert comprehensive treatment center provides evidence-based treatment methods. As the natural grandeur renders patients highly receptive, addiction treatments become more effective. At Bellagio In The Desert, our highly qualified mental health professionals combine the most innovative treatment modalities with proven, time-tested therapies for addiction.

Throughout the drug detox process, clients work with trained medical and mental health professionals. Together, they develop custom and personalized therapy plans unique to one’s specific recovery needs. Therapy plans can include any variety of unique treatments in group and individual coaching settings.

The most effective approach to addiction recovery requires a full spectrum of resources. Having the most thoroughly-researched and leading-edge therapies available greatly improves outcomes. In the context of comprehensive psychological, emotional, and physical treatment, we provide a wide range of adaptive, innovative, and long-respected therapies.

The patient can choose between a medically supported withdrawal process, or taking a social detox approach instead. That a highly social component underlies mental health and addiction issues is now firmly established in scientific literature. Given a substantial choice between the object of addiction and enriching social connections, people almost always prefer the latter.

According to one’s preferences, therapy and counseling both individually or in a group setting are available. Traditional 12-step programs, regular talk therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are just several of our desert wellness center’s highly effective inpatient treatments.

Holistic Therapy

To enhance the core of our patient-centered services, Bellagio In The Desert has branched out into numerous alternate therapy modalities. We provide an extensive range of holistic therapies aimed at treating the wholly unique individual undergoing addiction.

With thousands of clinical studies supporting its efficacy, “complementary and alternative medicine” provides highly respected and proven results. Some even find holistic therapies are most effective at treating their particular mental health and addiction challenges. Effective, lasting recoveries depend on discovering which treatments resonate most fully with the individual.

At Bellagio’s Lancaster Desert wellness center, we provide patients with an enormous range of holistic therapies to choose from. Many of our patients find incredible relief by combining several alternative therapies following their lifelong and newly discovered passions. Blending holistic modalities into a core of traditional therapies offers the best of both worlds.

We’re continually analyzing and vetting holistic healing techniques. To date, we’ve developed an impressive array of some of the most effective evidence-backed holistic therapies, including:

  • Yoga, exercise, and meditation
  • Pet therapy
  • Gardening
  • Massage
  • Journaling
  • Acupuncture
  • Art, dance, and music therapy

While the healing benefits of these methods may seem obvious now, they’ve only recently been generating major fanfare in formal clinical psychology circles.

For instance, journaling for psychosomatic pain relief has been shown to translate to actual physical health benefits. Even the most traditional researchers are considering the inherent healing benefits of nature more deeply. Increasingly, the health benefits of yoga and breathing meditation are being clinically proven to translate to greater mental and emotional health, particularly for addiction.

Clients learn to harness the healing power of enjoyable, fulfilling activities. This teaches invaluable tools that provide a competing urge to an addiction. Compared to their substance of choice, satisfying the mind, body, and soul with a wholly unified approach equips clients with a more attractive alternative.


Increasingly, the mental health field is recognizing that exercise provides incredible mental health benefits. Balancing one’s lifestyle with a fitness routine can be hard at first. A desert wellness center is a perfect place to spark a renewed passion for fitness and overall health and well-being.

In addition to yoga and general fitness classes, Bellagio also provides nutritional coaching. Supporting physical health creates a strong, stable foundation as one addresses psychological wellness. Life skills development is also offered, ensuring health and wellness maintain a central place in one’s daily health and life satisfaction.

Ecological Benefits

The Lancaster Desert provides the ultimate distraction-free environment. Located in the Antelope Valley high desert, artists, innovators, and spiritual seekers have long been attracted to Lancaster. Its idyllic natural wonder and well-removed setting are a true haven, where solace and peace become the norm.

For those in recovery, these same qualities make Lancaster Desert the perfect backdrop for the deep introspection required to begin the journey beyond addiction. With mounting scientific proof of the healing power of nature, why begin your recovery journey anywhere else?

Contact Bellagio | Addiction Treatment in Lancaster Desert

Bellagio In The Desert’s Lancaster facility provides an extremely effective range of treatment options. Our state-of-the-art facility and services outmatch even those located in metropolitan, but crowded areas. Combined with our serene Lancaster Desert locale, we provide patients with the absolute highest chances of a meaningful and sober future.

Like the idyllic backdrop of our desert wellness center, patients are certain to find the beauty and power that lies within. If you’re interested in pursuing a life-changing commitment to recovery, reach out to our experienced addiction and mental health specialists. Our passion and mission are to provide new hope for all seeking refuge from the ravages of addiction.


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