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addiction treatment for commerical fishers

Off-Shore Addiction: Fishermen and Drug Use

When a person works as an off-shore fisherman, they spend long periods of time away from working a physically demanding job. Off-shore fishing can be ...
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Substance abuse among writers 1 1655937373.730099 optimized 1655937412.9184341 optimized

Does great writing come from Addiction?

Did you know that there are more than 50 famous professional writers with addiction throughout history? Some recovered and continued their careers, although it's typically ...
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Professional actors addiction 1656026762.356862 optimized

Actors and Addiction: Is there a connection?

The entertainment sector glamorizes drug usage. Even while the media glorifies celebrities' hard-partying lifestyle, many need assistance. Actors' addictions may need specialized alcohol and drug ...
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Addiction treatment for miners2 1 1656098338.6449718 optimized

Substance Abuse in the Mining Industry

Mining work is honorable, yet it’s also a hazardous and physically demanding work environment. The hours are long, the conditions are hazardous, and the workload ...
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